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This is the second studio located, in a separate room
built for this purpose on the second floor of the house

Equipment in top photo:
(Top rack from top to bottom and left to right)
Teac 4 channel parametric EQ Blind 19"panel 2 x TC2290 Stereo Sampler delay Next Row: Ror Speaker Next Row: Roland Midi Display Roland P330 Piano Module Korg M1Rx Sound Module Akai S1000 Sampler Next Row: Akai Midi Patch bay Roland Sound Module Yamaha TX802 Sound Module Akai S900 Sampler Next Row: Blind 19"panel Oberheim matrix 1000 Sound Module Roland D550 Sound Module Akai S900 Sampler Last Row: 2 x Lexicon LXP1 reverb ADA analog delay Yamaha SPX90 Reverb Yamaha Rev 7 Reverb Lexicon PCM70 reverb
(Bottom shelve left to right)
In the dark : 2 x Yamaha TX7 & Roland PG100 programmer for D550 Roland MC505 sequencer Roland SBX80 synchroniser Akai MPC60 Drumcomputer/sequencer Roland alpha juno 2 keyboard and on right: Phone etc.

Equipment on left side:
Soundcraft mixing desk 43+24 channels Patchbayrack: Sony PCM F2 digital audio recorder on betamax Sony 2nd betamax video deck 5 x 96 patchbay Urei L1178 compressor/limiter DBX custom compressor limiter Denon Amplifier Quad 405 Main Amplifier On stand: Revox PR99MK2 stereo tape deck
Out of View:
2 x Technics SL1200 Turntables Studer double turntable pre-amp Technics SP1200 CD-player Philips 650 CD player Aiwa cassettedeck Minimoog Synthesizer Roland TR808 drumcomputer Sennheiser Vocoder Fostex B16 16track recorder Ror speakers Tannoy Eclipse speakers 2 x Akai DR1200 digital multitrack recorder Akai DD1000 digital optical disk recorder Roland SH101 synthesizer Roland SH2 synthesizer Yamaha FB-01 sound module 2 x Tascam DA30 DAT recorder