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Broadcast date : 9th of July 2005
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Broadcast date : 9th of July 2005
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During DJ Sven's Disco Inferno Show

A new mash-up by Ben Liebrand:

Kraftwerk vs Janet Jackson
Robots in Control (2005 pumpin mix)

What happened to the rest of In The Mix?

All mixes and remixes by Ben Liebrand except as noted otherwise

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Oder Now...

A weekly suggestion to make your retro trip complete.
Obviously influenced heavily by my love for Science Fiction


Ben Liebrand In The Mix

One hour non-stop mix by Ben Liebrand

As if you were back in time, Ben mixes tracks from the past with a touch of the present.

The Earons - Land of Hunger
Jovanotti - Libera l'Anima
T-Connection - Do what you wanna do
Cock Robin - Promise you made
Dazz band - Let it all blow (Grand 12 inches 2)
Johnny Gill - The Floor
Public Enemy - (bring the noise sample)
Candi Station - When you wake up tommorrow
Prince - 1999
Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl
Flash and the pan - Midnight Man
Koto - Visitors
BP Johnson - I believe in th power of love (acap)

Artists featured in this episode:

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