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Broadcast date : 5 March 2004
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Broadcast date : 5 March 2004
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minimix classic by Ben Liebrand:

TalkTalk multimix:
On the loop from Talk Talk's Such a shame you can hear
Depeche Mode
Miami Sound Machine - Dr. Beat
The Broads - I got rhythm (Ben Liebrand remix)
Scritty Politi - Pray like aretha franklin
Scritty Politi - Absolute

A new mix combination by Ben Liebrand:
Tony Scott vs. C&C music factory - Gonna make the Bigband sweat.
This time Tony meets "Gonna make you sewat" to result in a funky mash-up which equals, if not surpasses the Kylie mash-up from last week.

Ben's guest tells us about his adventures and all-time favorites

Our man of this evening is Peter Slaghuis. Jerry Beke is in the Studio to tell us about Peter's favorites, his adventures and his career and life which abrubtly ended in a car crash in 1991.
Alltough I knew Peter for years from his mixes and DJ work in Rotterdam, it wasn't untill he moved to a small village near where I lived before I got the chance to get to know him better.
Peter helped me out with a couple of tracks I was searching for and I was glad to be of help with some technical issues he encountered. Between the Liebrand and the Slaghuis Fans there appeared to exist some rivalry over the years, but I am happy to say that none of that was the case between Peter and myself personally. I am thankfull for the time I knew him and regret that so little time was granted.
Some of the many mixes Peter made are played tonight:
Nu Shooz - I can't wait (Peter Slaghuis DMC re-remix)
Nathalie Cole - Pink Caddilac (This is the remix for DMC which led to his monster hit "Jack to the sound of the Underground)
Peter Slaghuis - DiscoBreaks 9
Are you interested in Peter's mixes and his never released but completed last album "Acute Sense Of Hearing" than let us know. Either visit Jerry Beke's websiteor the official Peter Slaguis Website and let them know you would like to see his work released on CD.
Also listen to the extra in depth interview here where Jerry and I talk about Peter's much too short career.

Your chance to get your mix played on air. Send them to:
Postbus 15, 6550 ZG Weurt Netherlands. Don't forget to put your name and e-mail address on the CDR and list all the tracks that are used.
Also don't be upset if your mix doesn't make it, or if it takes some time before it is broadcast.
This weeks mixfreaks item was kind off filled by Peter Slaghuis's Disco breaks 9...

Minimix classic by Ben Liebrand
Time is up, no time for another minuimix this week

We take a recent track, and track back to the original sample
Future Groove express - Thru tha roof based on:
Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie
As time did not permit this item to be broadcast last week, here it is now!

All mixes and remixes by Ben Liebrand except as noted otherwise

Ben spins live at the wheels of steel. Check here

One hour non-stop mix by Ben Liebrand

This week a brandnew "In The Mix" episode
As if you were back in the old days Ben mixes tracks from the past with a touch of the present.
As a special request we continue at the point where we ended a previous mix with Snap's Rhythm is a dancer.

01 Snap - Rhythm is a dancer
02 Shannon - Give Me Tonight (acappella)
03 Kristine W - Feel What you want
04 Prince - When Doves Cry
05 Salt'N'Pepa - Push it
06 Hard drive - Deep inside (acappella)
07 Tyree -Turn up the base
08 Bobby O - She has a way
09 Dr Alban - It's my life
10 Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
11 Delirium - Silence (acappella)
12 Sheila and the black devotion - Spacer
13 Delirium - Silence (acappella)
14 Men at work - Work (acappella)
15 Rozalla - Free
16 Peaches & Herb - Shake your groove thing
17 Patrick Hernandez - Born to be alive
18 Una Mas - I will follow you

Artists featured in this episode:
(special thanks to Kozmik DJ for the artist images)

One hour non-stop Prince mix by DJ Foefur

all trax selected, mixed, trashed & edited by dj foefur 2001.All sound fx, loops and beats r from prince-material only!

01. anna stesia
02. sign 'o' the times
03. deuce and a quarter
04. love sign
05. gett off
06. clockin' the jazz
07. violet the organ grinder
08. the sacrifice of victor
09. work that fat
10. mountains
11. mad
12. electric chair
13. alphabet street
14. forever in my life
15. slave to the system
16. da da da
17. sticky wicked
18. 100 mph
19. mpls
20. the pope
21. sexual suicide
22. dance electric
23. slave to the system
24. shockadelica
25. feel u up
26. d.m.s.r.
27. batdance (vicky vale mix)
28. push
29. dig u better dead
30. love machine
31. love machine
32. a love supreme
33. jaguar
34. hot thing
35. anotherloverholenyohead
36. slave
37. new power generation
38. gett off (1990)
39. kiss
40. the sex of it
41. housequake
42. g-spot
43. melody cool
44. sex
45. elephant box
46. baby cries (ay yah)
47. ryde divine
48. pandemonium
49. jungle love
50. superhero
51. q in doubt
52. cream
53. eye no
54. girls & boys
55. superfunkacalifragisexy
56. nasty girl
57. glam slam
58. controversy
59. i feel 4 u
60. glam slam
61. partyman
62. lovesexy
63. 1999
64. sexshooter
65. automatic
66. erotic city
67. glamarous life
68. dance on
69. it
70. when doves cry
71. irresistible bitch
72. tricky
73. chocolate
74. cindy c
75. jerk out
76. uptown
77. head
78. party up

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