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Broadcast date : 27 Feb 2004
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Broadcast date : 27 Feb 2004
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2 minimixes classics by Ben Liebrand:

Abba - Lay all your love on me
The only Abba track which made it to the dancefloors of the serious cliubscene, due to a special disconet remix. This minimix takes it even a step further
Forrest - Rock the boat
Full length 10 minute 20 second, rough mix by Ben Liebrand
just to have something to take home after the final day of recording and before the track was to be mixed for real.

A new mix combination by Ben Liebrand:
Kylie Minogue vs. C&C music factory - Gonna slowly make you sweat.
Kylie meets "Gonna make you sewat" to result in a funky mash-up, with a bonus horn section from Ben Liebrand's "Move to the bigband.

Ben's guest tells us about his adventures and all-time favorites

Forrest Thomas, vocalist of the Hits Rock the boat and Feel the Need, But also the voice behind the Julius Green Hit: Rock your baby. Fortunately Forrest decided to not also sing, but also perform "Rock the Boat" on stage, making it a european hit!
We talk about his adventures and about some of his all time favorites:
Stevie Wonder - I Wish
Earth Wind & Fire - I can't let go
Forrest - Gotta get up
A brandnew track by Forrest proving he is still up and running in 2004!
Also listen to the extra interview here.

Your chance to get your mix played on air. Send them to:
Postbus 15, 6550 ZG Weurt Netherlands. Don't forget to put your name and e-mail address on the CDR and list all the tracks that are used.
Also don't be upset if your mix doesn't make it, or if it takes some time before it is broadcast.

Memories of love by Ruud van Meijgaard.
Ruud (who was actually a classmate of mine) sent this as a surprise mix, and it was a surprise indeed to find out he made this mix. Good stuff!

5 tones (sound FX) DJ4Fun 2000
Intro Azul Y Negro 1982
I Love you (sound FX) Yello 1980
Silly Love songs Paul McCartney 1976
Love is in the air John Paul Young 1975
Love can't turn around Farley Jackmaster Funk 1982
Takin' it straight Cori Josias 1983
The Robots Kraftwerk 1978
Radio Activity Kraftwerk 1975
Remember (drums) Gino Soccio 1982
Computer Game Yellow Magic Orchestra 1979
Supernature Cerrone 1977
Der Kommissar (sound FX) Falco 1982
Love is (sound FX) Gino Soccio 1980
I Feel Love Donna Summer 1977
C'est Magnifique (handclaps) Santa Esmeralda 1980
Oh Yeah (sound FX) Yello 1980
The House of the rising Sun Hot RS 1979
You get high in N.Y.C. Revanche 1979
Musicman (drums) Revanche 1979
Contact Edwin Starr 1978
Lay all your Love on me Abba 1980
Fire night dance (drums) Peter Jacques Band 1979
Do you wanna funk Patrick Cowley 1982
Show me your Love (synths) D.D.Sound 1979
Moskow Diskow Telex 1979
Don't go Yazoo 1982
Baby I Love you (drums) Easy going 1979
Blue Monday New Order 1983
Fear (drums) Easy going 1979
Eve of the War Jeff Wayne 1979
Jungle DJ (drums) Kikrokos 1978
I'm a man (drums) Macho 1979
Walking on Music (drums) Peter Jacques Band 1979
Megatron Man Patrick Cowley 1980
Somebody to Love (sound FX) Queen 1976
Babe we're gonna Love tonite Lime 1982
Fly with the wind (drums) Peter Jacques Band 1979
Savage Lover The Ring 1979
Who Loves you The Four Seasons 1975
Sex (synths) Berlin 1982
Ite missa est (beats) Martin Circus 1979
Your Love Lime 1981
Fly with the wind (drums) Peter Jacques Band 1979
Outtro Azul Y Negro 1982
Computer Game (sound FX) Yellow Magic Orchestra 1979

Minimixes classic by Ben Liebrand
Ben Liebrand - Weerbericht
The famous minimix reporting only of bad bad and bad weather
Also appeared on the collectors editions.

We take a recent track, and track back to the original sample
Future Groove express - Thru tha roof based on:
Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie

One hour non-stop mix by Ben Liebrand

This week a brandnew "In The Mix" episode
As if you were back in the old days Ben mixes tracks from the past with a touch of the present.

01 Blackbox - Everybody everybody
02 Prince - 1999
03 Sonic Surfers - Beat of Zen
04 Shirley Lites - Meltdown
05 Moses - We just
06 Club 69 - Let me be your underware
07 Mister Happy - for your love (acappella)
08 GQ - shake (acappella)
09 Dr. Alban - Sing hallelujah
10 Gat Decor Passion
11 49ers - I got the music (acappella)
12 Alexander O'Neil en Cherrelle - Saturday love (acappella)
13 Age of love - Age of love
14 2 unlimited - Tribal Dance (acappella)
15 Robert Miles - Children
16 Cafe Del Mar

One hour non-stop mix by Holger Mülder

TASE-Mix Vol. 1:
The Experiments Of The 90´th Megamix
Mixed by Holger Mülder (TASE)

01 Intro - Holger Mülder
02 Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
03 Manchild - Neneh Cherry
04 In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins
05 Love´s Burn - Karl Keaton
06 Straight Up - Paula Abdul
07 Tom´s Diner - DNA / Suanne Vega
08 La Isla Bonita - Madonna
09 Inna City Mamma - Neneh Cherry
10 Englishman In New York - Sting
11 I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
12 Do The Bartman - The Simpsons
13 Who´s That Girl - Madonna
14 Ooops Up - Snap
15 Ring, Ring, Ring - De La Soul
16 She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
17 Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry
18 Let´s Talk About Sex - Salt´n Pepa
19 Cult Of Snap - Snap
20 Hear The Drummer - Chad Jackson
21 Swing - Deff Boys/Tony Mac
22 The Power - Snap
23 POP Muzik - """M"""
24 Like A Prayer - Madonna
25 Beat Dis - Bomb The Bass
26 Pump Up The Volume - MARS
27 Bass - Simon Harris
28 Heat It Up - The Wee Papa Girl R.
29 Here We Go - C & C Music Factory
30 Criticize - Alexander O´Neal
31 Gonna Make You Sweat - C & C Music Factory
33 Superfly Guy - S-Express
34 Mega Blast - Bomb The Bass
35 What´s The Color Of Money - Hollywood Beyond
36 Doctorin´ The House - Coldcut
37 Esat´ Loca - Ritmo Latino
38 19 - Paul Hardcastle
39 Good Beat - Deee-Lite
40 Der Erdbeermund - Culture Beat
41 Do You Want Me - Salt´n Pepa
42 Big Fun - Inner City
43 Pray - M.C Hammer
44 The Opera House - Jack -E- Makossa
45 Jack To The Sound - Hithouse/Peter Slaghuis
46 Dirty Cash - Adventures Of StevieV
47 Let´s Get Busy - Clubland / KingBee
48 Outro - Holger Mülder

One year (white label)
Tracklist will follow

All mixes and remixes by Ben Liebrand except as noted otherwise

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